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Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning

How Does Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Work?

The secret to the way that a water fed pole system works for cleaning windows, is that it only uses purified water. That’s it. No soap or chemicals.

Regular tap water is filtered in order to remove any of the impurities which might leave dirt or residue on your windows after cleaning. The water is then pumped through a pole with a soft brush head and sprayed onto the windows with a steady flow. The soft brush is used to loosen dirt from the windows and the window is then rinsed with pure water. When the pure water dries, it leaves windows beautifully clean without any streaking or chalky finish.

The water fed pole system really does work. It’s true that it may leave some marks on the first clean or two due to the fact that it takes a few ‘cleans’ for any soap or dirt residue present in the seals or frames to be properly removed. After this time however, your windows will be sparkling clean.

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